Like all of our all natural beauty products, our eye treatments are lovingly crafted in small batches using carefully selected ingredients that bring out the best in your skin — without polluting it with chemicals, fillers, and other harmful toxins. Looking for a safe and effective way to brighten the skin around your eyes? Check out our Coffee Eye Roller. This all natural beauty product uses clean caffeine to plump your skin and boost the blood circulation in the area around your eyes, giving you a supple feel and a bright, enticing look. We also use ingredients like geranium and sweet almond oil to moisturize your skin and protect it from UV damage. 

When you are as enthusiastic as we are about harnessing the powers of nature, you need to be equally dedicated to protecting the earth. That’s why we refuse to use plastic in our packaging process, opting instead for artisan glass packaging that can be repurposed when it’s time to order your next batch. Are you ready to leave harmful chemicals behind and give your body the nutrients it needs? It’s time to make the switch to all natural beauty products. Contact us with any questions, and shop the eye treatments from Tereno Botanicals today!