The right facial mask can turn your living room into your own luxury spa-retreat, but the wrong one can leave your skin dry and irritated. As with all of our natural face products, Tereno Botanicals believes that the best facial mask begins and ends with the right ingredients. Our Rose Hibiscus Pearl Mask will put you in exfoliation-heaven. Our secret is in the precise blend of all natural ingredients. This mineral-rich treatment promotes elasticity, fights sagging and wrinkles, and deep cleans your skin using moroccan clay and extracts of rosehip, pearl, hibiscus, chamomile, and more. Have you ever wondered why major manufacturers put so much emphasis on keeping their masks on for the set time, and not a minute longer? It’s largely because the chemicals and fillers that they are harmful to your skin, and can create instant or lingering side-effects if your skin absorbs too much of it. Sound healthy? Yuck.

It’s time to put those days behind you and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to be happy, healthy, and radiant. Ditch the chemicals and switch to plant-based, all natural face products from Tereno Botanicals. Contact our team with any questions, and order your face mask today!