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Without the right tonic, you can’t the most out of your skincare routine. The tonics from Tereno Botanicals use plant-based ingredients to refresh and revitalize your skin and prepare it to absorb the rest of the treatments in your regimen. Like all of our natural face products, our tonics are created in small batches with the utmost attention to detail, so you can rest-assure that you are getting the most out of every purchase. We use botanicals that are bursting with vitamins and nutrients to create products that are truly special, like our Papaya Glow Tonic — a well-rounded concoction that relies on the antibacterial properties of papaya leaf extract to cleanse and nourish your skin, while also using vitamins A and C to brighten tone and fight acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. Today, more people are switching to green tea as an alternative to heavy coffee consumption, but did you know that it also has powerful anti-aging properties? We use it in our tonics to protect your skin against UV rays, fight free radicals, and boost elasticity. 

If you haven’t made the switch to all natural face products, the time is now. Ditch the chemicals, fillers, and other harmful ingredients found in synthetic skincare products, and buy your next tonic from Tereno Botanicals!