Tereno botanicals is guided by the principles and vision established by its founder, Ashley Tereno, a strong believer in the healing powers of nature. Raw from the earth, we provide all natural beauty products that are toxin-free and eco-friendly. Our bodies alert us in many ways when we lack key nutrients; our bodies also absorb everything that our skin touches. Every vision begins with a journey.  Our journey begins in pursuit to eliminate fillers, chemicals, mineral oil and other harmful chemicals and toxins that are common in most beauty products. We like to look towards nature as the cure to most problems. After all, we all come from it.

Carefully chosen ingredients are formulated for a specific purpose, many organic, many plant-based. However, our most important ingredients are love & care. Like the care we take in our glass packaging — eliminating plastic use anyway we can. 

Tereno Botanicals brings enjoyment to your beauty and skin care ritual. Order our all natural beauty products today!